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Brake Service starting at $120 per axle only!!* A vehicle's tires generate the maximum deceleration when braking power is brought right to the brink of wheel lock-up—but not beyond. Once the brakes lock and the wheels skid, actual deceleration is reduced and directional control via the steering is lost. Electronically controlled anti-lock braking systems (ABS) have netted great advances in vehicle controllability and reduced stopping distances in most real-world situations, particularly in rain or when cornering. ABS uses a combination of electronics and hydraulic controls to allow normal braking right up to the point of wheel lock-up, then the system intervenes to reduce fluid pressure to the brakes to keep vehicle deceleration at its maximum given the road conditions.

Brake Services:

  • Rotor Turning, ABS System Work
  • Free Brake Checks; Brand Name Bendix™
  • OEM Brakes from Dealership
  • Measure brake fluid for copper content
  • Measure and inspect friction
  • Measure and inspect drums and rotors
  • Inspect hydraulic system components
  • Inspect parking brake
  • Over 85 components inspected
  • Test drive vehicle and provide a detailed
  • Provide brake inspection report
  • For Imported and Domestic Vehicles

Fully Computerized Diagnostics:

  • Most New Cars Have Diagnostic, On-Board System Problems
  • We Specialize in Drivability Problems for All Makes and Models
  • Call Regarding Our Competitive Prices; This is a Same-Day Service

The most common problems relating to your car are having your car stalled, poor gas mileage, and check engine lights. When you visit our center, we make sure to check for these most common problems: With stalling, we look at the sensor and check for a dirty air filter. We also check the fuel and coolant temperature. When gas mileage is a problem, our technicians discuss the grade of gasoline you're using and any debris which may be corroding the system. If your check engine light is on, system malfunctions are often an issue. In addition to system problems, the computer might turn on the light so you get any other problem fixed before you have severe issues or break down on the road. Using diagnostic testing, we can narrow in on the source of your problem and take away the guess work involved in repairs.

We have been in business for over 30 years. Our clients keep their loyalty to us, we return the favor by providing professional, courteous, and great pricing. For your next service, maintenance, or repair, contact us to schedule your visit.

*prices varies depending on year, make, and car model, please contact us for estimate.


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Easy in and out with our Smog Check Inspection and Certification  *plus certificate, most cars.

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